Plant Pathology Doctorate

During the course of study leading to the doctorate, the student will meet all University, College, and Department requirements, including:


  1. Completing courses in major and related fields as prescribed by a Guidance Committee.
  2. Fulfilling department or college language requirements.
  3. Meeting academic standards, including maintaining a 3.00 grade point average.
  4. Passing doctoral comprehensive examinations covering the major and related fields.
  5. Preparing a dissertation that is acceptable to the Major Professor, Guidance Committee, and Department, and is based on original research which makes a significant contribution to knowledge.
  6. Passing a final examination in defense of the dissertation.

Course Requirements:

Courses are as specified by the Major Professor and Guidance Committee. Some programs may require reading knowledge of a foreign language. 

In addition, all Ph.D. students must follow this list of recommendations:

Graduate Student Examining Plants Health

Semininar in Plant Pathology

  • PLP 405 – Introductory Plant Pathology
  • PLP 810 – Current Concepts in Plant Pathology

Two of the following courses:

  • PLP 812 – Epidemiology of Plant Diseases
  • PLP 881 – Molecular and Biochemical Plant Pathology
  • PLP 885 – Plant Diseases in the Field

Two of the following courses:

  • PLP 847 – Advanced Mycology
  • PLP 880 – Plant Virology
  • PLP 884 – Prokaryotic Diseases of Plants
  • ENT 870 – Plant Nematology

Seminar Requirement:

Each Ph.D. student must enroll in at least three graduate level seminar courses in the biological sciences which require a formal presentation. At least one of these must be PLP 894.

In addition to meeting course requirements, all graduate students are expected to attend a seminar in Plant Pathology and other seminars as recommended by the major professor. Each candidate for the Ph.D. degree is required to present a departmental seminar concerning his/her research prior to defense of the dissertation (this is usually presented in the hour preceding the defense and is considered to be part of the final dissertation defense.

Teaching Requirement:

Each PhD student must gain teaching experience by participating in the teaching of at least two different courses at the ¼ time level of effort. Students are expected to participate in the University TA orientation program prior to teaching, irrespective of funding source. The Master’s of Science in Plant Pathology Program

In addition to meeting the requirements of the University and the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, students must meet the requirements specified below.


Regular admission may be granted to those students who have a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent, a 3.00 grade point, and appropriate training in the biological and physical sciences and mathematics. Provisional admission may be granted to those students who do not meet the requirements for regular admission.

The master’s degree program in plant pathology is available under either:

  1. Plan A (with thesis)
  2. Plan B (without thesis).


The student’s program of study is arranged by a guidance committee which includes the major professor.

For either Plan A or Plan B, the student must:

  1. Complete at least 30 credits including at least two graduate-level seminar courses in the biological sciences.
  2. Acquire teaching experience by assisting in at least one course.
  3. A reading knowledge of a foreign language may be required.